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About Sidagoo

Dr. Odette Russell, known as Sidagoo is a remarkable individual whose passion and expertise in martial arts spans nearly four decades. From a distance, one may be surprised to learn that she is a highly regarded martial artist. However, witnessing her in action, clad in her martial arts attire, teaching women in a dojo, reveals the true extent of her mastery of lethal techniques. Over the years, Dr. Russell's dedicated training has deepened her understanding of martial arts as a powerful force that balances both its gentle aspects, promoting peace, harmony, and synchronicity, and its firm elements, instilling empowerment, confidence, and alertness. Inspired by her husband's SWAM Martial Arts Academy, she has customized her own martial arts system known as Sister Warriors Against Madness (SWAM). Driven by a desire to expand her knowledge of health and wellness, Dr. Russell pursued a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and has served as an Assistant Director within a wellness clinic. The past few years have seen her actively engage with businesses, religious facilities, and colleges, delivering martial arts and wellness functions that have earned her the reputation of a respected community wellness advocate. Through seminars, training camps, life-defense workshops, and lectures, Dr. Russell leverages her expertise to foster trust and inspire individuals to make transformative changes that empower them to take control of their health.

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