Dr. Odette Russell



Learn stress management Katas that build mind and body wellness.


Tactical techniques for ground defense.


Kickboxing for weight management and self-esteem.


Essential self-defense training for women.



"I'm passionate about helping females become the best of themselves. Its my specialty."

Anyone who observes Dr. Odette Russell from a distance would be stunned to learn that she is a top ranked martial artist that has trained for almost 40 years. Of course, that opinion changes when they see her in action, in her martial arts' attire, teaching women in a dojo lethal techniques. These years of training have enhanced her comprehension of the true essence of martial arts in understanding its power of balance between its softness, spreading peace, harmony, and synchronicity, while enforcing its hardness that relates to instilling empowerment, confidence, and alertness. Customizing her own martial arts system called Sister Warriors Against Madness, (derived from her husband's system SWAM Martial Arts Academy) Dr. Odette Russell felt she needed to dive deeper in building an understanding to expand in the knowledge of health and wellness. Dr. Russell achieved this by obtaining a Ph.D in Health Psychology and working as an Assistant Director within a wellness clinic. 

Currently spending the last couple of years providing martial arts/wellness functions to businesses, religious facilities, and colleges has deemed Dr. Russell a respected community wellness advocate. Through seminars, training camps, life-defense workshops, and lectures, Dr. Russell uses her knowledge to gain peoples trust to see the importance to make modifications to gain control to improve their health.



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